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Ken Arkind - “David” (CUPSI 2014)

"Not a day goes by without people leaving messages, poems or pictures on his wall the way one would leave flowers at a gravesite. I often find myself sending messages to his inbox, prayers meant only for his ears, things I never expect to be answered."

Performing during the Penmanship Books showcase at the 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational.

Breakfast at 11. #Nom

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Breakfast at 11. #Nom

August 30th 2014


I went to the gym again!!! :D Watched ND crush Rice while I ran, it was awesome.

35 minutes on the treadmill! 3.25mi! I hit a 10min mile! :D Now I just need to master it! 

hip abductor in 5x10 @110lb

hip abductor out 5x10 @110lb

Ab Crunch machine 5x10 @55lb

Seated Leg Press 5x10 @150lb

Dead Lifts 5x10 @75lb

2 minute wall sit with 25lb

5 sumo squats 30lb

5 plie squats 30lb

5 squats 30lb

Total Time: 1hr 20min     Total Cals: 884

HOLY GAINS BATMAN! Also I worked for 7 hours!


9-1 two nalgenes two scrambled eggs with salt and pepper and half a pineapple

1-5 three nalgenes a peanut butter and apple butter sandwich on wheat bread and a Kashi chocolate almond sea salt thing

5-9 two nalgenes a few pretzel stuffed with peanut butter and some almonds and pistachios 

9-11 two nalgenes Tofu buffalo wraps! with cucumber ranch, Monterey jack cheese, cucumbers, spinach, brown rice and a wheat wrap! SOOOOOOOO GOOD!


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