July 27th 2014


worked for 5 hours then mowed the lawn which took me almost an hour.


8-12 One nalgene two eggs and baby bell peppers in a wrap

12-4 three nalgenes Veggie straws and some banana chips

4-10 one nalgene whole wheat penne, red sauce, steamed broccoli, and fake beef strips.




How can you not reblog this. This is magical, these two are amazing! I love forzen so much and this melody is amazing!!! <3

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theoriginalmanblr replied to your post “July 29th 2014”

You’re not sure why?? Massive!

haha thanks! I guess I mean that right from the get go I was feeling it, normally when running with the group I only have to walk once or twice max, this time I walked three times and the last time was about a quarter mile to the end and I just walked it. :/ I don’t know I guess the whole time I felt like I was falling behind even tho once we got back from the run I was passing people on rep work… the runs were just killer.

July 29th 2014


Workout group! It was freaking killer today and I’m not sure why.

I only got through this twice in an hour and the second mile i ran under a mile.

Time: 1hr 5min Total Cals: 743


730-11 two nalgenes, one banana with peanut butter and scrambled eggs.

11-4 two nalgenes spaghetti with eggplant parm a salad and a piece of garlic bread,

4-10 one nalgene one banana and banana chips

10-12 one nlagene

Paolo Sebastian s/s 2015 couture

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July 28th 2014


Full Circle hour workout bootcamp (gym)

1hr, 630cals

then work for 5 hours.


8-12 two nalgenes one banana and granola

12-5 three nalgenes Two baked potatoes with a smidge of Ranch, fresh broccoli, and a breaded “turkey” cutlet. Then a piece of baguette and cake at work. oops.

5-10 one nalgene quiona, “chicken” and broccoli with an egg cracked into it. mmmmm protein.